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EURO-DIESEL launch the world s largest UPS of 3000kVA

EURO-Diesel launch the world's largest UPS of 3000kVA

Nov 2009
EURO-DIESEL SA | Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium
# 09-R003



Diesel Rotary UPS system 3000kVA

One of the main highlights of EURO-DIESEL’s new manufacturing facility Inauguration and 20th anniversary celebration during October 2009 was the spectacular launch of the latest NO-BREAK KS® at 3000 kVA, the world’s first UPS of such capacity.



The NO-BREAK KS® has been the trademark and core business of the enterprise since the 1980s, with the first system, the NO-BREAK KS®1, developed at 330 kVA for the Léopold Tunnel in the capital of Belgium. The NO-BREAK KS® series increased in capacity and evolved through time, in line with the emerging needs of a higher power rated UPS system for increasingly more demanding critical applications worldwide.


The new 3000 kVA is designed for operation within regions around the world operating at 60Hz in stand-alone and parallel redundant configurations, whilst a 2500 kVA version is also available for 50HZ applications.   


Zenobe Gramme presenting his latest invention : the industrial dynamo

Witnessed by more than 400 VIPs and guests from the ciritical power industry around the globe, the NO-BREAK KS® 3000 kVA rose into the air from behind the 28m wide podium in theatrical style, masquerading as an early dynamo-like machine.

The spectacular machine then traversed forward through time and transformed to unfold the modern 3000kVA UPS beneath, with some introduction from the host of the night, Zénobe Gramme, inventor of the early industrial dynamos.

To the awe and wonder of the guests, the new 3 MVA NO-BREAK KS® then swept across the floor and landed majestically at the other end of the festive hall, as the grand finale of the evening.  






With the introduction of the new 3000kVA NO-BREAK KS®, EURO-DIESEL has taken the lead in the UPS industry by offering the most comprehensive range of power ratings and output configurations. The system also provides tailored and engineered solutions for the demands of the data centre industry and mission critical applications requiring multi MVA of secure and uncompromised power.

The 2500 kVA NO-BREAK KS® model, aimed at both the 50 Hz and 60 Hz market, has a fully rated UPS output power of 2500 kVA/2000 kW. The 3000 kVA NO-BREAK KS®, aimed at the 60 Hz market, has a fully rated UPS output of 3000 kVA/2400 kW. Both systems are equipped with the TA-Luft or EPA certified MTU diesel engine.


These systems can also be configured as Dual Output Systems, the NO-BREAK KS®-SB, where the division between critical and essential loads can be customized, up to its total maximum output power capacity.


Considering the high power ratings of these modules, typically, many of the project applications will be at medium voltage but the system is also available in low voltage versions.   



A growing demand


The growing demand in critical applications, mainly the data center market, was one of the driving forces for EURO-DIESEL to accelerate the development of the world’s largest DRUPS system.


Recent studies show that data center power consumption is on the rise and will continue so over the coming years. A study done by AMD also shows that the amount of electricity to power the global number of data centers doubled in five years due to the increased demand of internet services such as music and video downloads.


With the new 3000 kVA/2400 kW NO-BREAK KS® systems, a typical 24 MW data center will only requires 10 modules of 2400 kW each, instead of 15 modules of 1600 kW each to provide its “N” power requirement.


Cost Savings


The large module rating of the 3000 kVA NO-BREAK KS® would mean less power modules and less switchgear required, resulting in a significantly smaller footprint.

Economies in terms of investment, time and labour can thus be achieved by reducing construction time and build cost, electrical and mechanical installation infrastructure costs and construction periods.


On the practical side, the resulting lower maintenance costs and high efficiency of this battery-free solution will truly make it a green and money saving concept.


EURO-DIESEL has indeed moved up to the professional threshold with a global audience and an important clientele in the mission critical industry,” remarked Philippe GILLAIN, Managing Director of the group. “All these years of hard work are finally bearing fruit and it is only the beginning. We will, definitely, continue to strive and work to maintain reliable solutions for our partners and to produce sustainable growth internally and externally.”


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