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EURO-DIESEL, Winner of Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award 2012

 EURO-DIESEL, Winner of Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award 2012


April 2012
EURO-DIESEL SA | Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium
# 12-R007


Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award 2012 EURO-DIESEL was recently awarded  the “European Uninterruptible Power Supply Product Leadership” award by Frost & Sullivan, a global research organisation of 1,800 analysts and consultants who monitor more than 300 industries and 250,000 companies with over 50 years of expertise in the business.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents a Best Practice award to best-in-class companies worldwide of different market segments for their success in the sector of growth, innovation and leadership.

As for the Product Leadership Award, the following criteria were used to benchmark EURO-DIESEL’s performance against key competitors:


  • product features or functionality,
  • innovative element of the product,
  • product acceptance in the marketplace,
  • customer value enhancement program, and
  • product quality.


Excelling in all five criterions, EURO-DIESEL constantly strives to provide simple but innovatively designed products which offer high efficiency, high reliability and resilient solutions. The company also aims to satisfy its customers’ current power requirements and in return, ensure their business growth in future. The report also states that to provide a competitive capital investment for the UPS consumers is also a challenge for UPS makers since it implies a sustainable product with stringent long-term performance and electrical infrastructure durability, underpinned through a low total cost of ownership. 


According to Frost & Sullivan’s research manager Suba Arunkumar and senior analyst Gautham Gnanajothi, key drivers to this achievement are EURO-DIESEL’s constant assurance and guarantee for its product reliability, high efficiency, uncontested quality, small footprint and steadfast service program.


Basically, these requirements are common demands from every data centre. However, more than anything, it is trust and confidence that users want to have on the equipment they chose. Users need to be assured that their critical power equipment is fail-proof and gets maintained to the highest level of professional standards on a long-term basis. EURO-DIESEL has proven to be a partner who is flexible and reliable, meeting their every power security needs.


The acceptance of a ‘new technology’ in some countries where the static UPS systems are a more commonly used solution is another challenge which EURO-DIESEL managed to overcome. Since the clients mostly focus on reliability of the technology, good track records and excellent references, EURO-DIESEL eventually succeeded in gaining market shares and thus revolutionised the traditional concept.


It was quite straight forward to label EURO-DIESEL with the Product Leadership brand. For the battery-backed UPS suppliers to increase their power module rating and maintain price-competitiveness is a question yet to be answered today. On the other hand, through its avant-garde Diesel Rotary UPS systems named the NO-BREAK KS®, EURO-DIESEL offers a value proposition that is very competitive at higher power ratings especially. With 2.5MVA (50Hz) and 3.0 MVA (60Hz) ratings available in a single output per unit as unique selling point, EURO-DIESEL is in a sure position on the top of the list.


This award brings into light EURO-DIESEL’s many advance developments and achievements through its reputable NO-BREAK KS® systems. 



EURO-DIESEL is a global turnkey power security systems provider whose business includes designing, manufacturing, installation, commissioning as well as 24/7 servicing and maintenance programs to the global market. Established in 1989 from Belgium, EURO-DIESEL has subsidiaries and distributors in major parts of the world today.


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