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Secure your power supply with NO-BREAK KS®

Synchrosta JS®

SYNCHROSTA® JS: Mains Conditioner and solution for short outages

Poor power quality as a result of short outages, voltage drops and spikes along with electronic noise and interference carried on the mains can be just as damaging and unacceptable to critical loads as a major power cut. The SYNCHROSTA® JS is the technical solution to solve these problems.


By installing the SYNCHROSTA® JS, these disruptions are dealt with and in addition, you gain other benefits :


  • Short power transfer is sometimes sufficient to eliminate the need for longer term backup strategies.
  • The system works as a synchronous compensator and improves the power factor.
  • It isolates the load from mains that carry harmonics and prevents mains disturbances caused by load harmonics.
  • The load is protected from spikes and switching pulses.
  • Fast clearing of downstream short circuits is enabled.