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Secure your power supply with NO-BREAK KS®



Although engineers in-charge of power supply always take the extra attention to the protection of their critical loads, unforeseen events may still occur. This will require the use of a temporary back-up unit to support the total power protection or even a permanent replacement.

Diesel Rotary UPS - Rental Unit

Situations where a back-up unit is required :

  • Major maintenance work (E.g. Replacement of batteries)
  • Major modifications to the power distribution
  • Temporary increased load demands
  • Unforeseen corrective maintenance
  • Emergency situations
  • Major overhauls and capacity extensions
  • Temporary systems may also be required for short term uses such as sport events, carnivals, concerts, etc.


EURO-DIESEL rents out complete mobile systems in most EU countries for periods ranging from one week to several months.

Note : Renting is upon availability of the system.


Rental Fleet

Our rental fleet consists of various power ratings:


200kVA 6060 mm 2850 mm
2600 mm
 14 T
250kVA 6060 mm 2850 mm
2600 mm
 14 T
1000kVA 13700 mm 2430 mm
4000 mm
 34 T
Benefits :
  • NO-BREAK KS® Rental units are available for 200kVA, 250kVA & 1000kVA outputs
  • In soundproof shelter which can be either left on a trailer or craned off as required.
  • Commissioning is performed by a EURO-DIESEL technician, within a few hours.
  • Maintenance provided by a EURO-DIESEL technician.



For a full equipment description and a customised proposal, please write to moc*leseid-orue+ofni