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Secure your power supply with NO-BREAK KS®



2750kVA (50Hz) / 3000kVA (60Hz)


Meet the latest development from EURO-DIESEL, the next generation of Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply systems : the NO-BREAK KS®7e.

Engineered to give the best PUE, power density and the smallest footprint, the NO-BREAK KS®7e delivers up to 2750 kVA (50Hz) or 3000 kVA (60Hz) per unit. This is an ideal solution for data centres who have more and more tendency to deploy UPS systems that save energy and can fit easily into space-constrained buildings.

When the load is separated into critical and non-critical (essential) loads, the NO-BREAK KS®7e-SB (dual output version) delivers up to 3300 kVA (60 Hz) per unit.

Scalable and modular, the NO-BREAK KS®7e is available in building blocks of N, N+N, N+1, 2N, 2N+1 and in Isolated Parallel configuration either at low or medium voltage.





Smallest Footprint

The EURO-DIESEL KS7e is the smallest footprint DRUPS in the world today, which helps to reduce floor building cost and lower CAPEX and OPEX.


Auto Greasing

Continuous automatic greasing to all bearings without requiring downtime.


Variable cooling

Reduces ventilation losses in accordance to the system load and ambient conditions. This improved design reduces system losses by over 15%.


Seismically approved dampers

These dampers are finely tuned to eliminate eventual vibrations transmitted from the Stato-Alternator to the main baseframe and allow direct installation on the floor. They are designed to withstand a seismic rating of 1.39 G, in compliance with the International Building Code.


Split frame

Allows easier transport and lifting of the power module. As an option, a daily fuel oil tank is integrated in the base frame to reduce the footprint of the system and simplify the installation.


Kinetic energy accumulator

Stores kinetic energy to guarantee a safe transfer from conditioning mode into independent mode at all times. This small section of the power module replaces the use of large battery banks that need extra floor space and special storage requirements.


4-Pole Synchronous Machine

Available for MV and LV operations, the alternator generates a perfect sine wave and, together with the choke, performs voltage regulation and removes down- and upstream disturbances.


Guaranteed start utilizing an electromagnetic clutch

Maintenance-free electromagnetic clutch ensures a soft and reliable power transmission and acts as a fully redundant start system of the diesel engine.


Emissions compliant diesel engine

Digitally controlled, pre-heated and pre-lubricated diesel engine that meets TA-Luft and EPA exhaust emission standards. It guarantees a quick but soft start when needed, ensuring load availability.


Monobloc design

Easy and reliable on-site installation: all sections are directly coupled and automatically aligned.


NO-BREAK KS®7e Advantages



Even Higher Efficiency

The design of the NO-BREAK KS®7e enables over 20% of power losses reduction which 
makes EURO-DIESEL's NO-BREAK KS® product range the most efficient Diesel Rotary UPS systems in the market.



As every kW counts, the NO-BREAK KS®7e has been programmed to include Eco-Mode function -- the speed of the accumulator adapts automatically to partial loads, reducing the energy losses even further.


100% Uptime

With the NO-BREAK KS®7e, you are able to perform maintenance program while the UPS system stays fully operational. In other words, your load is secured at all times and any maintenance works will not interfere with your daily operations of your facility.





Technical Specifications


UPS rating

at 50 Hz (cos φ: 0.8 )

at 60 Hz (cos φ: 0.8 )

2750 kVA

3000 kVA

Dual output rating

at 50 Hz (cos φ: 0.8 )

at 60 Hz (cos φ: 0.8 )

2750 kVA

3300 kVA




930 cm


366 in


30.5 ft


200 cm

79 in

6.6 ft


243 cm

96 in

8 ft

Total weight

37 tons

81,500 lbs

81,500 lbs


1. Acceptable mains tolerance in normal mode

On frequency



± 0.5 %

On voltage


± 15 %

2. Voltage Regulation

In steady state conditions



± 1 %

For load variations

of 50%

of 100%

± 3 %
± 5 %

On mains failure

when mains switches off
when mains switches on

± 5 %
± 1 %

3. Frequency regulation in independent mode

In steady state conditions


± 0.2 %

For load variations

of 50%

± 1 Hz

On mains failure

when mains switches off at 100 % load

± 1 Hz

4. Efficiency

Overall efficiency (conditioning mode)



up to 97%

5. Harmonics

Total Harmonic distortion (THD)


≤ 3 % on linear load



6. Short circuit current



limited to 3 times the rated current



up to 12 times the rated current


7. Phase angle

With balanced loads



120° ± 0°

With 25% unbalanced loads


120° ± 1°