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Secure your power supply with NO-BREAK KS®

Success story : Jewellery Industry

Area : Central Europe
Luxurious Jewellery Manufacturing


EURO-DIESEL has supplied to one of the world's most famous brand names for luxury goods. Their prestigious name is associated with watches, jewellery, ladies handbags and other expensive items.

Application | jewellery industryOne of the production facilities of this client is dedicated to the production of high quality watches and is designed to handle large quantities of valuable materials. The environmentally controlled production unit involves precision engineering techniques to the highest standards using the latest technology, with skilled personnel. The production unit is a showcase for the organisation and an expertise of this company's engineers. It also has very specific requirements in addition to the safety measures and stringent regulations imposed.

For instance:

  • Distributed vacuum system for precise suction to handle small but extremely valuable pieces
  • Distributed chilling system to freeze small particles and prevent them from access into the watches
  • Clean compressed air system for the pressure testing of watches among other applications
  • Distributed system of de-ionised water for fine cleaning purposes
  • Fully automated areas with safety systems incorporated i.e. fire detection and protection


As you can imagine, security systems are extreme and obvious measures are taken to protect the valuable materials and finished products. These measures are observed with the full co-operation of the work force, who actively engages with the management team with suggestions and ideas for improvement.


Access to the site is strictly controlled; CCTV is installed throughout the factory and its surrounding areas. The factory has even its own laundry for cleaning workers' clothes, from which gold dust and other precious materials are recovered and recycled.


With such a high tech environment, the quality and security of the power supply is of prime importance. Any interruptions would give an extended "coffee break" to the work force leading to the loss in production time, an increase in scrapped materials due to the sensitivity of the special computerised tooling and machinery, and more severely, a potential breach of safety at work.



The specifying engineers did not hesitate when it came to choosing an Uninterruptible Power Supply for their showcase factory, they wanted the best and most reliable system and had chosen a EURO-DIESEL NO-BREAK KS® rated at 400kVA.

Fully conversant with the installation requirements of their own machinery, the specifying engineers paid close attention to the installation requirements for the DRUPS, making sure that all the criteria were met for the proper functioning of the system.

For example: air supply has to be sufficient for combustion and for ventilation of the diesel engine. This has to be done by studying the wind direction around the factory and placing the machine in the most favourable place. The air inlet and outlet louvers have to be elevated to prevent ingress of snow in winter. The fuel supply was installed so as to prevent contamination. The electrical pump feeding the day tank from the bulk fuel store was supplemented with a manual pump in case of problems.

The system was housed in an acoustic enclosure to reduce noise near to zero level in the building.

The NO-BREAK KS® installed did not need extra features or need any modifications to meet the requirements of the specifying engineers. A standard machine was exactly what they required.