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Media Press Releases EURO-DIESEL launches the next generation diesel rotary ups system


    If you are currently working at a Consulting Engineers in the UK and are involved with critical power solutions or want to learn more about UPS technologies, our Workplace Secondment Week is an ideal opportunity for you to further your knowledge.

    You will spend time with our management/engineering teams and will cover the several areas. 
    Please follow this link to discover the detailed program.
    Places are limited; if you are interested in this placement, please ensure that your employer would be happy
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    Deadline: end of business Wednesday 16/05/18.
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    NB: EDUK will confirm after the deadline if your application has been successful.
    EDUK will assist with UK travel costs – attendees to cover their own accommodation.
  • 2018.03.30 Opening of the newest EURO-DIESEL’s subsidiary in Santiago of Chile

    It’s with great honor we announce the opening of the newest EURO-DIESEL’s subsidiary in Santiago of Chile.

  • 2017.09.29 Recertification for EURO-DIESEL UK

    EURO-DIESEL (UK) Ltd (EDUK) is pleased to announce its successful recertification to: ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environment Management, OHSAS 18001 Occupational H&S Management.


  • 2017.04.10 Come and visit us at fairs and shows around the world

    Taking advantage of our worldwide network, we participate in many exhibitions about Data Center, Airport & Industry.

    Check out our next destinations!

  • 2017.02.08 EURO-DIESEL has been rated as STRONG

    EURO-DIESEL has been rated as “STRONG” in a new analysis of Europe's 687 largest Electrical Component Manufacturers. This is the highest accolade awarded and reflects our excellent performance over the last 12 months.


  • 2017.01.05 FORTRUST adopts Diesel Rotary UPS for backup power

    Is it a generator? A UPS? A flywheel? The new backup power systems at colocation specialist FORTRUST bring these elements together. As FORTRUST expands its Denver data center, it will use Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) from E1 Dynamics to provide emergency power during utility outages. The DRUPS unit features a diesel engine and a rotary UPS that uses kinetic energy, eliminating the need for batteries.



4 March 2014
EURO-DIESEL SA | Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium


At an age where data usage grows at an incredible pace, one must not neglect the economic impact this will bring to the players of the internet supply chain in the near future. According to Computer Business Review, the number of businesses that move their ITC infrastructure to cloud services will increase 20% globally from 2013, and spending will reach $172,4b by end of 2014 and $235.1b by 2017.


In order to take advantage of this opportunity, data centres must cater themselves to the growing demand, or lose the market to the next best competitor. On the other hand, as policy makers in developed countries put even more emphasis on environmental issues2 and with the increasing awareness for companies to go for greener solutions, data centres naturally get under the radar for their performance and competitive advantages in these areas.


The main factors they often have to bear in mind are the requirements for better PUE and a higher white space ratio, along with the entities’ initiatives to contribute to the society by being environment friendly, for instance.

In the light of these events and notably on an increased attention given on energy-efficient equipment in data centre markets3, EURO-DIESEL launches the next generation of Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) systems: the NO-BREAK KS®7e. At up to 2750kVA/2200kW (50Hz) or 3000kVA/2400kW (60Hz) per unit: the NO-BREAK KS®7e is engineered specially for data centre applications, taking into great consideration the enhancement of energy saving features, the high power density and the autonomy it can give to the end-user.


2750kVA or 3000kVA fully operational within 70m²

The NO-BREAK KS®7e has been designed to deliver the highest power output with a more advantageous efficiency—all that in an even more compact build DRUPS power module (-20% than other DRUPS modules).


As for the end-user, it means that they will be able to fit in the NO-BREAK KS®7e system in a space-constrained premise and therefore liberating more space for revenue-generating IT equipment racks. This allows up to 40 to 50% of space savings over battery-backed UPS solutions and eventually, the achievement of a better PUE.


More interestingly for small-sized data centres that are set to dominate the market for the next 5 years, as stated in Frost & Sullivan 2013 report, the NO-BREAK KS®7e ‘s high power output per unit will enable such data centres to deploy fewer UPS units to secure an ever increasing IT loads.


Even better efficiency and 100% uptime? You've got it.


The precision design of the NO-BREAK KS®7e has eliminated over 20% of the system losses over its nearest competitor today. All these are made possible through the newly installed features; the variable cooling, the Eco-Mode function and an optimized design.


This variable cooling system is self-adaptable and reliable. Depending on the ambient temperature, the end-user’s load, and the internal temperature of the stato-alternator (kinetic energy accumulator and synchronous machine), the ventilation system will adjust its operating speed. Totally redundant, the fans will commutate from one to another with different time frame intervals.


At partial load, the NO-BREAK KS®7e can be programmed to run in Eco-Mode – the speed of the kinetic energy accumulator can be reduced when load capacity is reduced. This helps to reduce the energy needed to operate the DRUPS and thereby increases power efficiency as a whole.
Other special features include automatic greasing which allows 100% uptime, seismic approved dampers (1.39G) for seismic prone areas, split frame with an option to integrate the daily fuel tank in the base frame to further reduce the footprint.




Tailored configuration, any way you need.

Be it 5MVA or 50MVA, installed in the basement or on the rooftop, housed in an enclosure, or simply order as and when needed, there is a solution with EURO-DIESEL. Just like the NO-BREAK KS®54, the NO-BREAK KS®7e is completely scalable and modular.

Available in building blocks of N, N+N, N+1, 2N, 2N+1 as well as in Isolated Parallel configuration, the system can be configured at low or medium voltage and is designed to meet Uptime Institute’s specifications.

With over 25 years of activity in the market and a reliable network of business collaborators worldwide, EURO-DIESEL has the expertise to consult, configure, custom build, install, commission and service NO-BREAK KS® systems, providing a 360° turnkey project management.



Other standard features of the NO-BREAK KS®7e are:

  • Guaranteed Redundant Start,
  • Maintenance Free Clutch,
  • Fuel Cooler,
  • Emissions Compliant Engines,
  • Continuous Vibration Monitoring, and
  • Industry Leading KS-VISION® HMI Control Panel with the additional controls of the new features (alternator ventilation control and temperature sensors).


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[1] Global Cloud Spending To Reach $235.1Bn by 2017 – CBR, 17 Feb 2014.

[2] Single Market for Green Products Initiative – European Commission. The Kyoto Protocol and The Green Grid.

[3] Analysis of Global Data Centre UPS Market -- Frost and Sullivan, Dec 2013

[4] EURO-DIESEL’s NO-BREAK KS®5 is the avant-garde DRUPS system with ratings from 200 to 2500kVA (50Hz) or up to 3000kVA (60Hz).



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