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Media Press Releases EURO-DIESEL is awarded the mercurio d oro


    If you are currently working at a Consulting Engineers in the UK and are involved with critical power solutions or want to learn more about UPS technologies, our Workplace Secondment Week is an ideal opportunity for you to further your knowledge.

    You will spend time with our management/engineering teams and will cover the several areas. 
    Please follow this link to discover the detailed program.
    Places are limited; if you are interested in this placement, please ensure that your employer would be happy
    for you to take up this opportunity before contacting us and send an email with your contact details, CV and a brief summary of why the placement is of interest to you and how it would benefit you in your role.
    Deadline: end of business Wednesday 16/05/18.
    E: *moc*leseid-orue+ku*ofni
    NB: EDUK will confirm after the deadline if your application has been successful.
    EDUK will assist with UK travel costs – attendees to cover their own accommodation.
  • 2018.03.30 Opening of the newest EURO-DIESEL’s subsidiary in Santiago of Chile

    It’s with great honor we announce the opening of the newest EURO-DIESEL’s subsidiary in Santiago of Chile.

  • 2017.09.29 Recertification for EURO-DIESEL UK

    EURO-DIESEL (UK) Ltd (EDUK) is pleased to announce its successful recertification to: ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environment Management, OHSAS 18001 Occupational H&S Management.


  • 2017.04.10 Come and visit us at fairs and shows around the world

    Taking advantage of our worldwide network, we participate in many exhibitions about Data Center, Airport & Industry.

    Check out our next destinations!

  • 2017.02.08 EURO-DIESEL has been rated as STRONG

    EURO-DIESEL has been rated as “STRONG” in a new analysis of Europe's 687 largest Electrical Component Manufacturers. This is the highest accolade awarded and reflects our excellent performance over the last 12 months.


  • 2017.01.05 FORTRUST adopts Diesel Rotary UPS for backup power

    Is it a generator? A UPS? A flywheel? The new backup power systems at colocation specialist FORTRUST bring these elements together. As FORTRUST expands its Denver data center, it will use Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) from E1 Dynamics to provide emergency power during utility outages. The DRUPS unit features a diesel engine and a rotary UPS that uses kinetic energy, eliminating the need for batteries.


EURO-DIESEL is awarded the mercurio d'oro

Dec 2005
EURO-DIESEL SA | Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium
# 05-R001


Mercurio d'oro awardSince 2003, the General Consulate of Italy in Liège organises a  friendly contest yearly, called the Mercurio d'Oro Prize, for the Belgian provinces of Liège  and Luxembourg, underlining and further promoting the business and cultural relationships between Italy and Belgium.

There are four categories in this contest namely; the personality (entertainment) category, the public or private institution category, the trading category and finally, the business category.

To be eligible, companies must demonstrate having established and consistently improved their business relationships with Italy, but at the same time, paid special attention to the social and cultural links between both countries.

On December 19th, EURO-DIESEL SA received from the General Consul of Italy, the Mercurio d'Oro prize for the year 2005 and the 3rd edition of the contest.


In the Roman early years, Mercurio was the god of commerce.

Therefore, the Mercurio d'Oro prize was a materialised model statue of Mercurio himself.


How it all started : The cooperation between EURO-DIESEL and INTERGEN

EURO-DIESEL started their story with Italy in 1989 when they joined forces with INTERGEN of Lomagna (Lecco - Lombardia) a well known company particularly active in the power generation business (Generator-sets, Combined Heat and Power, Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems). Both companies decided to introduce the NO-BREAK KS® systems recently developed by EURO-DIESEL for the market.


Fourteen years later, the success of their collaboration made the NO-BREAK KS® the favourite DRUPS brand in Italy. Some of the first machines, installed and carefully maintained by INTERGEN, are still in service. INTERGEN has become the number one supplier of Diesel Rotary UPS systems in the country and EURO-DIESEL has consistently delivered more than 10% of its production to the Italian market.


Major achievements

The two partners now possess an impressive reference list including customers from all the segments of the industry. Among them are the most prestigious Italian company names such as:

  • Banca Popolare di Milano
  • Banca Intesa
  • Telecom Italia

Also including some of the major hospitals such as:

  • Ospedale Macchi di Varese
  • Ospedale Maggiore di Bologna

And large industry groups include names such as:

  • Enichem
  • Miroglio
  • S.T. Microelectronics
  • Elettronica Industriale
  • Fillatice

And also the broadcasting and telecommunication companies such as:

  • The National Space Centre of Fucino in Aquila
    (a major satellite signals receiving station)
  • VIDEOTIME (a Mediaset group)


Bilateral relationship

EURO-DIESEL not only sells to Italy, but is also a client of major suppliers from Italy such as:

  • MARELLI from Arzignano, Vicenza
    (a heavy duty alternators manufacturer)
  • ABB-SACE from Bergamo
  • S.M.E.


A question of people

It is probably not a stroke of luck if EURO-DIESEL has been successful on the Italian market: almost 40% of the staffs are still Italian nationals, even though they are born in Belgium, and this created a genuine heartfelt link between EURO-DIESEL and “Bella Italia”, as how some Italians would call their beautiful country.


At all levels of the organisation in EURO-DIESEL--from the storekeeper to the technical director--there is most definitely somebody who can speak Italian. Communication with the partners and the clients naturally becomes a semplice faccenda.