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    If you are currently working at a Consulting Engineers in the UK and are involved with critical power solutions or want to learn more about UPS technologies, our Workplace Secondment Week is an ideal opportunity for you to further your knowledge.

    You will spend time with our management/engineering teams and will cover the several areas. 
    Please follow this link to discover the detailed program.
    Places are limited; if you are interested in this placement, please ensure that your employer would be happy
    for you to take up this opportunity before contacting us and send an email with your contact details, CV and a brief summary of why the placement is of interest to you and how it would benefit you in your role.
    Deadline: end of business Wednesday 16/05/18.
    E: *moc*leseid-orue+ku*ofni
    NB: EDUK will confirm after the deadline if your application has been successful.
    EDUK will assist with UK travel costs – attendees to cover their own accommodation.
  • 2018.03.30 Opening of the newest EURO-DIESEL’s subsidiary in Santiago of Chile

    It’s with great honor we announce the opening of the newest EURO-DIESEL’s subsidiary in Santiago of Chile.

  • 2017.09.29 Recertification for EURO-DIESEL UK

    EURO-DIESEL (UK) Ltd (EDUK) is pleased to announce its successful recertification to: ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environment Management, OHSAS 18001 Occupational H&S Management.


  • 2017.04.10 Come and visit us at fairs and shows around the world

    Taking advantage of our worldwide network, we participate in many exhibitions about Data Center, Airport & Industry.

    Check out our next destinations!

  • 2017.02.08 EURO-DIESEL has been rated as STRONG

    EURO-DIESEL has been rated as “STRONG” in a new analysis of Europe's 687 largest Electrical Component Manufacturers. This is the highest accolade awarded and reflects our excellent performance over the last 12 months.


  • 2017.01.05 FORTRUST adopts Diesel Rotary UPS for backup power

    Is it a generator? A UPS? A flywheel? The new backup power systems at colocation specialist FORTRUST bring these elements together. As FORTRUST expands its Denver data center, it will use Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) from E1 Dynamics to provide emergency power during utility outages. The DRUPS unit features a diesel engine and a rotary UPS that uses kinetic energy, eliminating the need for batteries.


EURO-DIESEL in the news

Article FORTRUST adopts diesel rotary UPS for backup power


FORTRUST Adopts Diesel Rotary UPS for Backup Power


Data Center Journal - Diesel Rotary UPS



Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS): Operational Availability

Un nouveau CEO chez EURO-DIESEL - CCI MAG




Health and Safety EURO-DIESEL UK

JUNE 2016 | Building Design & Construction Magazine

Beyond Expectations



Article Jobs régions

June 2016 | JobsRégions

EURO-DIESEL recrute !

E1 Dynamincs article Manufacturing Today

November 2015 | Manufacturing Today

E1 Dynamics expands its diesel rotary uninterruptible power supply system sales efforts.


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Revista electricidade moderna

October 2015 | Electricidade Moderna


Mitigação de harmônicas em instalações de missão crítica.


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Russia Press

April 2015 I Datacenters Magazine



April 2015 I Wallonia and Brussels Magazine

One of two Wallonia Export Awards was awarded to EURO-DIESEL



December 2014 I L'Echo


Philippe Gillain, CEO d'EURO-DIESEL



CCI cover

December 2014 I CCI Mag

14ème édition du Grand Prix Wallon à l'Exportation: les lauréats


Revista cover

November 2014 I RTI Magazine



October 2014 | CCI Mag'

EURO-DIESEL primé lors du Cervin de cristal 2014 



September 2014 I Elektro Magazine



Berner Zeitung

September 2014  I Berner Zeintung


Construction Magazine

September 2014 | Construction Insight Magazine

Diesel Progress

April 2013 | Diesel Progress

"E1 DYNAMICS partnered with Phoenix Products  to supply its first U.S. uninterruptible power supply system for a federal building in Missouri in 2009..." [+]

Expert Russia

March 2013 | Expert

Article [+]


March 2013 | Priviliège

"Vous n'avez peut-être jamais entendu parler de la société liégeoise EURO-DIESEL, implantée dans le zoning industriel de Gräce-Hollogne. Pourtant, elle se positionne comme un des leaders mondiaux dans le domaine de la sécurité de l'alimentation électrique... "[+]

RTBF May 2012

May 2012 | RTBF

Gazelles 2012 : les entreprises liégeoises à forte croissante récompensées [+]



Trends tendance May 2012

May 2012 | Trends Tendance

Une croissance continue: Spécialisée dans les systèmes d'alimentation électrique sans coupures, EURO-DIESEL fournit ses machines partout dans le monde à un nombre sans cesse croissant de clients..[+]

Sudpresse May 2012

May 2012 | Sudpresse

Trends prime quatre entreprises liégeoises [+]

Campuskrant - March 28, 2012

March 2012 | Campuskrant

Moons: “Alles moet gegarandeerd kunnen worden. Je moet bijvoorbeeld verzekerde stroomtoevoer hebben. Traditioneel wordt dat gedaan met batterijen, die de eerste minuten na een stroomuitval voor hun rekening nemen. Hier wordt de ononderbroken stroomvoorziening gegarandeerd met een DUPS, een generator, de eerste seconden aangedreven door een groot vliegwiel waarna een dieselmotor van ongeveer 1000 PK het overneemt. [+]



Profile - Launching in America after overseas success

Sep/Oct 2011 | Profile


E1 provides complex power equipment to communication giants, Fortune 500 companies, online retail behemoths, and federal agencies. These organizations rely on constant power for massive levels of online transactions, data recording and other critical functions...[+]



Eletricidade June 2011

June 2011 | Eletricidade Moderna

A multinacional belga EURO-DIESEL, fabricante de UPS rotativos, inaugurou recentemente um escritório comercial no Brasil. Asubsidiária, instalada na cidade de São Paulo, vai realizar vendas de projetos turnkey, serviços de engenharia, manutenção e gerenciamento de projetos em todo o teritório nacional. [+]

Data Center Knowledge

18 Apr 2011 |

Cisco Systems is using flywheel-driven rotary UPS units to support its new data center in Allen, Texas, which opened its doors Friday... [+]

CCI mag Gagner-ré

24 Mar 2011 | Gagner-Ré

Comme chaque année à pareille époque, la Chambre Française de Commerce et d'Industrie des Provinces de Liège et de Luxembourg a décerné sa Marianne de Cristal. Une prestigieuse récompense saluant une entreprise belge ayant développé de façon significative ses échanges commerciaux avec la France. Le prix de cette 16ème édition est revenu à EURO-DIESEL[+]

DCD E-newsletter June 2010

10 Jun 2010 | DCD Focus E-Newsletter

Cisco says new data center roadmap works and has numbers to prove it. Cisco, the San Jose, Calif.-based IT colossus, prides itself on using its own technology in its data centers. About two years ago, the company started a complete overhaul of its approach to enterprise IT infrastructure... [+]

Cubic news 2010

Feb 2010 | CUBIC News

EURO-DIESEL and CUBIC have been partners through many years and have a history that dates nearly 20 years back. CUBIC supplies the modular enclosures for the switchboards applied as a part of the various types of UPS systems...

CCI-Mag : Un 20e anniversaire couronné de succès

Dec 2009 | CCI Mag

EURO-DIESEL, c'est ce qu'on peut appeler une authentique success story. Axée sur un produit creusé dans une niche spécifique, la société n'a cessé de connaître des développements spectaculaires, tant en Belgique qu'à l'étranger. Elle vient de réaliser un investissement de 7 millions d'euros à Grâce-Hollogne. [+]


DCD Focus Volume3, Issue7, Dec09/Jan10

Dec 2009/Jan2010 | DCD Focus

Inauguration of the world's largest UPS production and testing facility.

WiP Dec 2009

Dec 2009 | WiP

EURO-DIESEL's latest UPS unit proves a true powerhouse. EURO-DIESEL's NO-BREAK KS® is a real phenomenon. Not only is it the world's first UPS with a 3000kVA capacity, it enjoyed a spectacular launch at October's EURO-DIESEL facility inauguration and 20th annivesary celebration. 


Oct 2009 | The Daily T1R

E1 DYNAMICS lands 16MW deal in Allen, Texas | 2009.10.14

WiP Oct 2009

Oct 2009 | WiP

Testing time at the world's largest UPS facility. This month, EURO-DIESEL celebrates the

inauguration of the world's largest UPS facility. Based in Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium, it represents a truely radical production approach within the rotary UPS industry.

Sudpress (BE) 4 May 2009

4 May 2009 | Sudpress

EURO-DIESEL tient le monde au courant. Dans le tunnel sous Cointe notamment, son "NO-BREAK" interdit toute coupure éléctrique.

Mecurio d'oro

19 Dec 2005 | Consulat Général d'Italie à Liège

Le Consulat Général d'Italie à Liège a organisé la troisième édition

de la cérémonie de remise des prix des gagnants du Prix Mercure d'Or

pour les Provinces de Liège et du Luxembourg belge. [+]