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Secure your power supply with NO-BREAK KS®
About Us

About Us


As man's ingeniousness passes on from generation to generation, incredible inventions evolve in an amazing pace.

From the discovery of electricity to today's tremendous use of energy, is a span of time where electrical power protection developed into a full scale industry.  Just ask any hospital, telecommunication centre or any institution where electrical performance is critical. They would testify that a malfunction of the power supply by the measure of a millisecond could translate into a loss in millions of dollars, or worse, human lives. 


Thus from the city of Liège (Belgium), EURO-DIESEL was established in 1989 by a group of specialists in power products and Standby Generating sets. It has since brought into the market an indisputable Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply system (DRUPS) baptised as the NO-BREAK KS® and referenced by more than 400 companies worldwide. Another division of the business covers the 'classical solution' for an alternative power supply : Generator-sets.


The birth and the perfection of this unique NO-BREAK KS® system have resulted in the rapid growth of EURO-DIESEL's activities. Today, it has strategically located subsidiaries and distributors worldwide.


Since its corporation, EURO-DIESEL designs the infrastructure of the client's DRUPS system between the mains and the loads, manufactures and supplies the customised DRUPS system to site, installs and commissions the system before use, followed-by maintenance and servicing the system to ensure a long lifespan.


Amongst many other factors, EURO-DIESEL prides itself for having a loyal workforce that numbered more than 175 personnel today. It is the hard work of these conscientious men and women, whose competent skills and ideas, seasoned by time, unequivocally brought successful solutions to a significant number of projects.  


The unique features of the NO-BREAK KS® system, the talents and experiences of our staffs, the growth of our global network to bring ourselves closer to our clients, the innovations to meet new demands -- these are our values and efforts we make everyday just so that we can secure your power supply.  Simply.