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Secure your power supply with NO-BREAK KS®

market segments we serve


The NO-BREAK E1 and its resilient VISION control system are designed to accomodate different system configurations for various applications.


Data Centers & Telecommunications

Data centers keep our 24/7 economy alive: Internet shopping, service reservations for hotels and restaurants, online banking, application downloads, etc. The NO-BREAK E1-SB Dual Output system is the ideal solution for data center applications. It provides power to the critical loads or so called the "White space" and provides power with a maximum 10 seconds of interruption to the non-critical loads such as the HVAC loads.

Airports & Air Traffic Control Towers

Airports, airbases and air traffic control towers require consistent power to ensure that the runway is operational at all times; fog, rain/storm and during the night. The vast movement area extending from the runway along the taxiways and onto the apron is the heart of every airport. By installing the NO-BREAK E1, the airport meets the CAT II and CAT III standards as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).


Banking Sector and Financial Institutions

With today's advancement in technology, the banking sector operates 24/7 around the world online and depends heavily on the internet and the digital information technology. Electronic purchases, home banking, ATM transactions, stock trading, etc. need to have constant electrical power to maintain operations and to keep day-to-day data. The NO-BREAK E1 prevents power failures or glitches from happening, essential for the critical nature of this industry.

Broadcasting Stations

The media of our generation diffuse contents through satellite, internet, radio, mobile phones and other latest electronic gadgets. With competitive ratings at stake, the broadcasting stations can never afford to have power interruptions, especially during live shows and major sporting events such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup Finals. Planting the NO-BREAK E1 in the stations not only ensures constant power supply for daily operation but also ensures the quality of the diffused signals.


Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries

The pharmaceutical/chemical industry depends on its high quality standards, productivity and environment conditioning to be profitable. Just like any manufacturing facility, any malfunction of the electrical equipment due to power glitch, voltage drop, or to a millisecond of power outage could lead to a standstill of the production line. Time lost to re-start the equipments and the production line or the number of goods rejected during these interruptions could become major risks for the company. Given the strict environmental regulations in enclosed clean rooms and the sometimes dangerous chemical substances involved in the production line, such power outages might even turn fatal.

Ensuring the power supply and its quality with a NO-BREAK E1 is considered as a necessity for most E1 DYNAMICS's clients in the chemical industry. They are paramount for the operations and the safety measures of these facilities.

Road & Railway Tunnels

Often, tunnels and industrialised loads are powered with a DRUPS to secure their power to the control room, of the tunnels and also to provide power to tunnel ventilation system, fire alarm, or similar industrialized motor loads.

Handling these motor loads require high in-rush currents from the NO-BREAK E1 systems. Due to its resilient design and over dimensioned stato-alternator, the NO-BREAK E1 can supply up to 20 x In to start these motor loads directly online. [+]

Wafer Fab, Semicon & Other Manufacturing Industries

The manufacturing process to create integrated circuits (silicon chips) that are present in everyday electrical and electronic devices is a very sophisticated and complex process. A typical wafer is 0.75mm thick and now even greater than 300mm (12") diameter.

Today, the complete semiconductor process is done in pressurized and filtered cleanrooms to remove the tiniest particles. Any loss of power will immediately result in a contamination and the production will have to halt unless a NO-BREAK E1 is deployed. [+]